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Drive a Tank

Quick Details

Includes morning tea and lunch (pizza)

Private Group 10 People
Upgrade for a centurion car crush

The only place in Australia where you can actually drive yourself!

You get to actually drive 4x vehicles:

Supacat 6×6

In current service with the British army this is like a military quad bike on steroids!

With 6 wheels it has front 4 wheel steering at high speed and skid steering at slow speed. This is a driving experience like no other where you will climb extreme terrain and go nuts doing Donuts!

1.9 litre turbo diesel.

Suitable for one driver and 3 x passengers

Driver must be minimum 10 years old under professional Tankride supervision.

Hugglands BV206 tracked cargo vehicle.

Designed and built by the Swedish army these vehicles currently serve in many countries and most notably are in use at Antartica!

This driving experience is unusual as the whole machine articulates( bends in the middle) for steering and climbs slopes and goes through mud you would not think possible with extremely light ground pressure.

2.7 litre turbo diesel

Suitable for 1x driver and 2 passengers

Driver must be minimum 15 years old under professional supervision.

Rapier tracked missile launcher

This actual vehicle served in the first gulf war in the 90’s and is the only one in Australia! Weighing in at 16 ton it’s very similar to a M113 or Tilley in that the driver controls, engine and undercarriage are identical.

This vehicle offers a completely different experience in an armoured driving compartment with 2 passengers supporting you while you listen to the supercharged Diesel engine roar at your command.

Suitable for 1x driver and 2x passengers

Driver must have a current Automatic provisional licence and will be under professional supervision

Centurion Guntank

Here’s your chance to drive a genuine unmodified 52-ton centurion guntank identical to the Tanks that served in Vietnam. Learn how all the controls work and how to master a gearbox without synchro gears. We say it’s easy to drive but hard to drive well especially when you meet some challenges like mud crossings or hill climbs! We will start you off with the basics and providing you can manage the clutch and steering offer up some harder challenges progressively.

Suitable for 1x driver and 2x passengers

Driver must have a current manual drivers license and will be under professional supervision.

Common questions:
  • Can people in my group each drive a different vehicle?
    Yes! Providing they meet the age requirements to safely drive the vehicle and are present for the total training day within their group. ( you learn by watching others)
  • Can I just drive one vehicle to reduce the price?
    Yes and no! You can choose to not drive particular vehicles but sadly the price is set to cover our costs which extend well beyond just the tank running costs. For example, it’s still the same price just to drive the centurion so you should have a go at all of them!
  • Can more than one person drive each vehicle?
    Yes at an additional discounted rate per person.
  • Can I supply my own car for a car crash?
    Yes! And this reduces the car crush cost down to $399 providing you can deliver the car in a suitable condition to crush (all oils removed and aircon degassed)

No machine abuse will be tolerated. Any disrespect of the vehicles will result in cancellation of remaining tank time with no refunds.

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