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Alvis Stalwart Group Party Package Ride

Quick Details

Group Package 18 People
Additional Spectators Cash Only

Extreme Military Truck Rides

Our Alvis Stalwart is one of only two of its kind known in Australia and the only one modified to carry a maximum of 18 participants for the most awesome group ride of your life!

If your party is larger than the numbers available, please call us to book. We can double party sizes and prices to accommodate more guests so everyone can experience this thrilling Tamborine truck ride.

This vehicle was designed to support the tanks with supplies, reaching them through any terrain, including water. This ride is very different from the tanks with steep climbs and faster travel speeds, the perfect experience for group bookings and parties.

This experience includes an interactive guided tour of all of the military vehicles with a presentation which will inspire and engage guests of all ages. The party group also gets to climb on and into the Centurion Gun Tank and pose for those awesome tank shots!

Looking for something unique for your next group experience? Book a military truck ride in Tamborine today!