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Sabre + Ferret Scout Car Ride

Quick Details

2 People
Additional Spectators Cash Only

Experience Thrill & Fun on a Tank Ride

This experience allows you to come ride in our Alvis Sabre and our Ferret Scout Car, two immense vehicles that played a part in battles. Come have a unique adventure in Tamborine!

The Sabre we have here is one of only two known in Australia and is a variant of the Alvis Scorpion. Don’t be fooled by its lighter weight and smaller size – these can actually have advantages! This beast can travel at up to 72kmh in both directions, travel over softer ground thanks to its very low ground pressure, and climb up and over things the bigger tank won’t attempt.

It even has rubber pads on its tracks so it can also drive on the road! It’s fully equipped with radios and all its original gear from service around the world. This ride is great for up to two people and is sure to keep you smiling.

Next up, it’s time to take a ride in the Ferret Scout Car developed by the British Army after World War II. Weighing over 3.5 tonnes and with the 4WD capability and speed up to 90km/hr, it is an exceptional two-person machine. Experience the excitement of riding in the Machine Gun Turret as our professional driver makes it growl and charge along a specially designed off-road course.

This vehicle only takes one passenger at a time so there will be two rides in total (one per person).

If you’ve ever wanted to see military tanks up close and personal, this is the tour for you! Book online today.